It's easy to add LetsBuy to your Shopify store! It just takes a few clicks.

First you need add the LetsBuy app to your store. You can search for it from your Apps tab.

Next, click "Add app." You will get redirected to an LetsBuy sign up page.

Once you've created your LetsBuy account, you will receive a message that your Shopify store is now connected. 

For the second phase, you'll connect your Facebook page to LetsBuy.

After you click on Connect Facebook Page, it will ask which page you will connect. Just select which Facebook Page you will use for Facebook Retargeting with LetsBuy.

For this example, we're selecting LetsBuy Facebook Page, but on your side, you'll select your store's Facebook page.

For the next step, you'll see how LetsBuy turns your visitors to subsrbirers Send to Messenger cart button.

And then, you will see how LetsBuy send abandoned cart messages at the right time to retarget your shoppers.

Now it's time to select a plan and start your 30 day free trial.
Learn more about our prices and plans here:

Finally, approve your Shopify payment charge to start your free trial.

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